• Uriel Correa
  • Uriel Correa's work is heavily influenced by the flow of cities- the beats and patterns, the stories each street tells, and generations of each building. Correa often combines the grittiness and electricity of these streets with characters he observes. By initially absorbing all of these characteristics, he then is able to translate them into his work. Correa is drawn towards the irregular: he is interested in the effects of aging on the physical appearance of the human body, and is intrigued by those with interesting facial features. Correa is on a never-ending quest to convey the complexity that sits before him.

  • Joey Potts
  • Joey Potts studied illustration and painting at the Maryland Institute, College of Art. Potts works with a wide variety of media to create illustrations, animations, graphic prints and collage for apparel, posters, album covers, music videos, and limited edition prints. His influences include classic cartoons and animation, skateboarding, renaissance art, toys, religious iconography, abstract art, science fiction, movies, psychedelic art, music, and natural phenomena. Potts also creates fine artworks for gallery shows and exhibitions worldwide. He currently lives and works from the basement of a tiny coach house in Chicago.
  • Solo RM
  • Rodrigo “Solo” Mireles grew up in Chicago and is considered to be one of the veterans of the Chicago graffiti community. He honed his flashy, slick style—a dynamic blend of hip-hop culture, anime aesthetics and formidable technical execution—on the streets of Chicago as a graffiti artist and with formal training at the American Academy of Art. Mireles’ vast repertoire runs the gamut, from graffiti murals to comic books to character art for video games. In the past, he has worked with distinguished clients such as Electronic Arts, Adidas, Studio Gigante, Robomodo and Louis Vuitton. One look at his street images and viewers can easily tell it’s his piece. These murals are eye-catching and echoes influences from the hip hop culture. Although if you look closely, you’ll catch some anime inspiration showing up on his burners as well. Perhaps the best denominator for the artists’ work is his technical execution. His lines are always clean allowing for polished work whether he is working on large scale murals, on paper, or on the computer.
  • Revice CMW/Won Kim
  • Won Kim, also known by his graffiti handle Revice CMW, was born and raised in Chicago. First exposed to graffiti at its basic level in grammar school, he begain writing on things that weren't his and that tendency has only grown over the years. Now catering to a corporate clientele, Kim works with both acrylic and spray paint to create large scale murals and installations for events in both Washington DC and Chicago.
  • Satoki Nagata
  • Satoki Nagata is a Japanese photographer who has been living in Chicago since 1992. Nagata is interested in a city/community's ability to affect the individuals that comprise that city, and seeks to find and expose the various connections that form the reality in which the city and its people exist. The camera is a powerful tool that allows Nagata not just to approach the subject, but to capture the relationships as well as create a new relationship between himself and his subjects. By creating an intimate bond with his subjects while photographing, he is able to show their reality and their relationship to the world. For Nagata, making photographs is equal to making relationships with the world, and strives to successfully connect the viewer to this works.
  • Dariusz Labuzek
  • Labuzek’s work is a combination of an abstract, figurative and naive / primitive imagery. His paintings are often inspired by works of Willem de Kooning, Cy Twombly, Franz Jozef Kline, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Artur Nacht-Samborski, Jacek Göttel, Antoni Tapies, Agusti Puig, Melinda Stickney-Gibson.

    Dariusz Labuzek was born in Jaworzno, Poland on March 20th 1967. He studied architecture at Crocow’s Institute of Technology and Film & Theater at Humboldt State University in Arcata California. Currently Dariusz Labuzek lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. Recently he moved his work space from his bathroom to a larger artist studio at Mana Contemporary in Pilsen.

  • Leslye Long is a local Chicago artist with a goal of enhancing people's lives through art and home décor. Her desire is for each piece, whether a painting or pillow, to remind the viewer they are loved, priceless and THAT they should be happy. Leslye started formal art training in high school. She went on to college to study visual arts management. Since college, Leslye has displayed her abstract and figurative works on paper, canvas, furniture, clothing and home décor using acrylic, oil and ink. She has also recently started creating small abstract sculptures. Her art shows and purchases have ranged from the Keith Haring-Chicago Mural Project, the Museum of Science and Industry, Morpho Gallery, Aldo Castillo Gallery for the Ruth M. Rothstein and the CORE Center to Empowerment Art Workshops with the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago. Along with her custom art, she provides interior decorating and renovation designs for commercial, residential buyers, Artist Workshops at CPS High Schools, a Mentoring organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters and soon the University of Chicago's Art Incubator.
  • Brian Quinn
  • Brian Quinn, entrepreneur, a longtime resident of Chicago, now based out in the country west of the city, was trained in the arts/photography at Rockford College and Ray Vogue School of Design. With varied work/life experiences from Sears "soft lines" photographer in Chicago, commercial housing renovations, coffee options trader and now owner of Danna O'Shee online retail sportswear/lingerie marketer - lends his work to balanced, well planned pieces. Fascinated with conceptual "attention grabbing" design drives the creation of unique, often controversial, and at times humorous work.
  • Raskol
  • Raskol hails from Los Angeles, CA and is currently based in Chicago, IL. He specializes in Graffiti Stencil Art and Photography. His work spans all types of fashion portraits but specifically the high-end fashion niche. The stencil cutting is done completely by handonce the stencil is finished, he makes no more than 3 pieces with the stencil and then the work for that picture is complete.
  • Chris Silva
  • Though born in Puerto Rico, Chris Silva’s creative pursuits are firmly rooted in Chicago's urban culture. Since the late 80s Chris has been a prominent figure in Chicago’s graffiti and skateboarding scenes. From his solid graffiti art education he went on to play a significant role in the development of what is now commonly referred to as "street art". For the past several years, he has been working on commissions, exploring gallery oriented work, and leading community-based mural/mosaic projects with various Chicago arts organizations. A self taught sound artist, Chris also composes music with his band, This Mother Falcon.

    Chris was awarded a major public art commission by the Chicago Transit Authority to create a mosaic for the Blue Line California Station (2004); created block-long murals in Chicago’s Loop “You Are Beautiful” (2006); created a sculpture for the Seattle Sound Transit System (2008); and recently won the Juried Award for Best 3D Piece at ArtPrize (2012). Chris has exhibited in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, London, Melbourne and Copenhagen.

  • Sara Spread
  • I am a Chicago native with a BFA in Painting from the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign. My work examines gender archetypes and stereotypes through the appropriation of traditional feminine practice. Through these laborious practices, I aim to contextualize decorative craft within the world of contemporary fine art. I am drawn to the juxtapositions of life + death, innocence + corruption, and soft + tough to deconstruct the expectations of modern women in relation to the lifestyles of past generations. Through the adaption of the domestic female pastime of needle-craft these embellished works remain delicate and precious representations of obsessive labor, yet they are tinged with dark humor and satirical messages. In referencing traditional “women’s work”, I aim to bring to light the evolution of the familial and professional roles of women over time in relation to the narrowing barrier between fine art and craft practices.
  • THOR
  • A native of Mississippi and the Carolinas, Russ has been living and showing art in Chicago since 2004. After graduating from Davidson College with a BA in Studio Art, he spent several years making abstract wooden sculptures but has recently refocused entirely on figurative, political drawings. His interest in social politics started at an early age, thanks in part to his dad's work as a Presbyterian minister. Based in Humboldt Park with his wife and dog, Russ also works as a high-end cabinet maker in the Dock 6 Collective.
  • Rebecca Zastany
  • Zastany received her bachelor’s degree in Art and Design from Columbia College in Chicago. She then moved to Youngstown, Ohio where she curated the Lemon Grove Gallery and organized artist events. In 2011, she returned to the Chicago and Waukegan arts communities to establish herself as a vital artist.

    Rebecca Zastany is an eclectic artist who creates mixed-media paintings. The entire body of her work exhibits a pervasive theme of re-purposing and appropriating of self. Zastany’s exploration of various ways to reuse and repurpose materials makes her artwork emotionally and economically accessible. The theme of re-purposing is not limited only to antiquated objects, but also extends to the imagery that Zastany often reuses over and over again. This repetition gives the same image a continually renewed purpose and meaning.